Respect. It’s totally gone by the way side. It’s been thrown out! I hear myself complain about how young people don’t know how to respect. What about the adults? Why do you suppose our children aren’t learning respect? It’s because we’re not being the role models they need. Everywhere I turn I hear the disrespect of one person to another. Everyday I experience it first hand. Why in the world do people EXPECT to be respected, but don’t give it themselves? You’ve heard the slang coming from kids…”he or she dissed me” they’re talking about respect. I’m frazzled, confused & frustrated today.
I believe I have a good understanding of the concept. I remember having conversations with my husband even before we were married. Deep heart felt conversations about a lot of things and among those was the subject of respect. Today’s blog is definitely not about respect in my marriage. I feel like we are working hard to achieve that on a daily basis. No, today I’m frustrated about other people I come in contact with on a daily basis.
Below, is a photo of notes I keep in my night stand. It’s a reminder to me what respect looks like. I’m a note taker. A list maker. Anyway, I’m reminded today that as much as I need to apply this in my marriage that it’s also important to apply it to everyone…boy, that’s tough. It’s hard to forget about yourself, forget that you’re not getting respect & give it anyway!

And that’s all I have to say about that!

Author: Michelle

I'm Michelle. A Child of the King. A dreamer. My first love, Jesus, is who I want to reflect in my life more than anything. I'm also a determined artist on a quest to learn as much as I can about graphic design, hand lettering & all things creative. It's here where my love for Jesus & all things creative come together in only a way that God can orchestrate.

Thank you for your comments! I will treat them like the precious gift they are!

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