Longing for Simplicity

The word simple keeps showing it’s face to me lately. The concept is so enticing. So desirable to me. I crave it & long for it. Some days I feel it’s unreachable. My husband is reading Simple Church. I’m going to read it when he’s finished. One of our lady bloggers for our church website posted A Simple Christmas today. I hear it in conversations. People want for it. So, I’m positive I’m not alone on this!
I’ve always been fond of Leave it to Beaver days. Through my eyes the world is viewed as Black & White. I’m an either-or kind of girl. I don’t like middle ground. It throws me off. I don’t like confrontations. I don’t like complicated & I don’t like clutter! There are days when I feel like our lives are so full of clutter…too much stuff…too much going on. It’s on these days that I’m sure if I stop & evaluate my attitude it’s due to the fact that I haven’t stopped & simply prayed. Asking my Lord to help me with the load. He wants to. He need only for me to ask. He’s also waiting for me to purge those things that complicate my life…that just aren’t necessary & instead choose Him.
Thought I’d share with you some photos from around our home…where my goal is to keep it simple. I’ve only decorated about half what I did last year…we’re not putting lights outside this year either. In fact, I’ve gone through all of the Christmas decorations & purged! It’s wonderful! I’m so looking forward to every minute I get to spend with my family this Christmastime! Hope you are enjoying all the simple things it has to offer!
My favorite…the reason for the season!

Simply a view of our tree

Although I’ve gotten rid of most of my snowmen…these were given to me by a dear friend years ago…I’ll be keeping them!

A little touch in the kitchen

I like how clean & light he is!

Our newest ornament…this is a tradition!

Love the sparkle when the lights are on!

A few ornaments on the window

A little touch in the restroom

Another little touch in the restroom…I use to have a whole set of these…this is the only one that hasn’t been broken!

Matthew 1:23
“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us).


Author: Michelle

I'm Michelle. A Child of the King. A dreamer. My first love, Jesus, is who I want to reflect in my life more than anything. I'm also a determined artist on a quest to learn as much as I can about graphic design, hand lettering & all things creative. It's here where my love for Jesus & all things creative come together in only a way that God can orchestrate.

2 thoughts on “Longing for Simplicity”

  1. I love the simpliciy of your Christmas decor. And, Christ really is the reason for the season and we should focus on that.
    You should see my SIMPLE Christmas decor. It is bare bones 🙂
    Hope you are having a great and peaceful week !


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