Small Town

Do you live in a small town? What does that mean to you? My attitude is coming full circle about my small town. As I reach out to embrace it, I still sometimes struggle with letting go before I have hold of it, but am committed to embracing it even still! The view on this side of 40 is different. I won’t go into all the details of why I’ve had such a struggle, but I will share one thing that has been painful. Gossip. I’ve been rejected from some circles because of my lack of participation in these sessions. Please don’t get me wrong. I’ve gossiped & painfully regretted it. It’s an ugly word. An ugly concept. A paralyzing strong hold. What is the answer to this problem? Reacting rudely? Being quiet? Isolating yourself? These are not the answers, because I’ve tried them! What is? Loving people? Yes. What does that look like?

My attitude now says, “I love my small town…It’s a great place to be…Thank you, Lord, because I know you hold my world in the palm of your hands…I know I’m where I’m suppose to be…Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.”
What is the name of your small town?

Author: Michelle

I'm Michelle. A Child of the King. A dreamer. My first love, Jesus, is who I want to reflect in my life more than anything. I'm also a determined artist on a quest to learn as much as I can about graphic design, hand lettering & all things creative. It's here where my love for Jesus & all things creative come together in only a way that God can orchestrate.

5 thoughts on “Small Town”

  1. Oh I am there too! Living in a small town that I transplanted to. Surrounded by gossip and hurtful outcasting. It has been difficult, but I love the quaintness of the small town and of course my husband is here so I love it. Excellent post!


  2. I live in a small town, and although the gossip is a problem, its nice to know that people are watching out for you…. i always tell my children people only talk about people if they are jealous of them in some way…..


  3. Having grown up in a small town, I understand exactly what you mean. I couldn't WAIT to move away. Then later, when I was married with kids and surrounded by strangers in a big city, I wanted to move back.


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