Little Bit of Whimsy?

I want to be more whimsical.  I love the synonyms I found…..
Definition: playful, fanciful

Synonyms: amusing, capricious, chancy, comical, curious, dicey, eccentric, erratic, fantastic, freakish, funny, mischievous, odd, peculiar, quaint,  quizzical, singular, uncertain, unpredictable, unusual, waggish, wayward, weird, buoyant, light, or lively in nature, dangerous, risky, animated, bouncy, cheery, effervescent, elastic, fanciful, flippant, frolicsome, graceful, happy, high-spirited, light-hearted, merry, nonchalant, resilient, sprightly

Because I tend to behave like the antonyms…..
Antonyms:  behaving, reasonable, sensible, certain, not dangerous, safe, secure, sure, tried, constant, dependable, sensible, staid, steadfast, steady
Not that these antonyms aren’t necessary & don’t have a place.  I want to have more whimsical moments.  My husband brings these out in me (when I allow it). 
It occurred to me today, that I rarely allow my Heavenly Father, to bring this out in me.  I’m His little girl.  Daddy’s girl.  I’ve always been jealous of the Daddy’s girl types, but am reminded again today – that I am one too! 

So, my word for the time being is Whimsical…….I love the photo of the cake above.  It’s so cheery so whimsical…..even saying the word makes me smile! 

I like this song, too……enjoy!!!


Author: Michelle

I'm Michelle. A Child of the King. A dreamer. My first love, Jesus, is who I want to reflect in my life more than anything. I'm also a determined artist on a quest to learn as much as I can about graphic design, hand lettering & all things creative. It's here where my love for Jesus & all things creative come together in only a way that God can orchestrate.

Thank you for your comments! I will treat them like the precious gift they are!

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