In ALL Things

“And we know that in ALL things God works…”

Do you believe this verse? Even when you feel neck deep? Especially when you feel neck deep. Over my lifetime, I’ve seen this verse become a reality over and over again. In the midst of the fog and stormy waves it has been hard to see it, but once the fog lifts and the waves settle I can see that God was there the whole time. I’ve seen Him take what was meant for bad and use it for good. I’ve seen Him bring beauty from ashes. So why do we wonder, why do we question when we find ourselves in the stormy waves and thick fog again?  Sometimes, it’s just in the everyday-ness of life or situations…the fog may not be thick and the waves may not be crashing, but yet we wonder, why this, why now, why today?

“you can’t see things as they are, you have to see things as God says they are.”

Here’s a link to a conversation between Levi Lusko & Louie Giglio that sums up God working in ALL things  (well worth the time to listen.)  The fog was definitely thick and the waves were crashing for this man and his family, yet God used their pain and their loss. And continues to use it.  A few quotes from this conversation:

“God doesn’t cause evil, but He is in control of it.”
“take away suffering, you take away ministry.”
“see through the lens of faith
“you can’t see things as they are, you have to see things as God says they are.”
Have you heard the song “Thy Will Be Done” by Hillary Scott?  Here’s a link to that too.
Even when I don’t act like it, I know without a doubt…God is absolutely good. No question. God absolutely cares about every detail of our lives. And God absolutely will bring good from ugly for His glory. He will clarify even our what-when-where-why-and-how’s of the everydayness of life…in His time. For His purpose. He does work in ALL things. 

Author: Michelle

I'm Michelle. A Child of the King. A dreamer. My first love, Jesus, is who I want to reflect in my life more than anything. I'm also a determined artist on a quest to learn as much as I can about graphic design, hand lettering & all things creative. It's here where my love for Jesus & all things creative come together in only a way that God can orchestrate.

Thank you for your comments! I will treat them like the precious gift they are!

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