Easy to Make Stool Cushion

As promised, I’m going to tell you about the transformation of my kitchen stool. This stool is a loner in my kitchen because it’s home is on the “busy” side. So it’s where I sit when prepping or waiting for something to come out of the oven. And it slides nicely under the island and out of the way when I’m not using it.

MRS designs stool cushion under counter

MRS designs stool cushion before

MRS designs stool cushion steps 1

  1. I took it from it’s natural state & applied a couple coats of my favorite color to paint with – white.
  2. Using some leftover “egg carton foam” I sat the seat side over it and used it as a guide to cut it out.
  3. I did the same with the fabric & the batting. In the photo above you can see I cut the fabric larger than the stool, but only for seam allowance. I wanted the cording to be the same circumference around the cushion as the stool is.
  4. Next I sewed the piping by taking some cording & wrapping the gray/white material over it using my zipper foot sewing as close the cord inside as possible.
  5. I then cut a strip of fabric that would be the side of the cushion. This was pinned right on the seam of the cording & sewn on the same seam with the zipper foot again.  Just to clarify here, you’re sewing through the seat top, the cording & the side.
  6. Satisfied with my work to this point, I added the foam (2 layers) and the batting forming the cover over it evenly.
  7. The last step was stapling. The key to this is to insert a staple on one side then the opposite, then another side & last side folding the fabric under as you go and turning the stool to check your work after each staple. Then repeat until you have staples lined all the way around.

MRS designs stool cushion 2

It’s a fairly quick process to makeover a stool. If you already had some of the materials needed it makes for a pretty frugal project too! Of course, if you read my last post you recognize this fabric 🙂

MRS designs stool cushion after

MRS designs stool cushion close upMRS designs stool cushion top view


Author: Michelle

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