Newsflash: You’re Not God

Temptation: How to take it like a human.

Jesus was tempted, but did not sin. He could’ve faced temptation with his God-ness, but instead he chose to take it like a human. He chose to be our ultimate example. So why on earth would we try be God? Why would we try to hide the fact that we’re human? We’re not fooling anyone.

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How to Thrive in Grace

Trying harder just doesn’t get it.

Are you a good example? Are you living out your faith? Would those that work with you, live with you or go to church with you know you are a child of God if you never uttered a single word? Do you represent your savior well? Some of you may have stopped reading at my first question. But for those of you who have stayed with me, let’s pull back the veil that we try to hind behind and be honest with ourselves.

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How to Have a Healthy Self Image

An on going process.

You were created in the image of God. Yes, you, you and you. Created in His image. When He was finished He saw that what He had done was very good. We could stop right here with that single thought, but let’s dig in a little more and really get that to sink into our hearts.

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How to Help Someone Taking That Next Big Step in Life

Hint: It’s not with a string of questions that don’t yet have any answers.

It’s that time of year. The anticipation of it all can be a little overwhelming. The constant circle of butterflies in the pit of your stomach threatens to nauseate. Yet you can’t help but smile. You can’t help but beam at the excitement that lies ahead. You’ve even dreamed about it. Imagined what it would be like. In fact, at one point it seemed a whole lifetime away. Dodging all those questions that you don’t have answers for just yet has become a sort of norm. You’re well versed these days at smiling and faking your way through an answer. Maybe even just admitting, “I just don’t know yet.”

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Five Ways to Stay Focused on Jesus

“Do the little things well and the bigger things will come.”

Focus. When I look over my sermon notes from this past Sunday, focus is the word I wrote the biggest. It’s the one that jumps off the page of my little sermon notes section. Are you easily distracted? I sure am. I doodle to stay focused. Sounds silly, I know, but it works for me. As I write this Tim & Faith are belting out the song Keep Your Eyes on Me. As it plays in the background, I’m reminded once again, that our focus, our conscious effort to place our attention on Jesus is the answer to everything. Yes, everything. Say it with me, I can face anything and everything with my eyes on Jesus. 

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How to Hope Without Losing Sight of Today

Two things that I feel can sum up where our attentions should be.

Are you anticipating something right now? Maybe a vacation? Maybe a new job? Maybe a baby? Maybe an answer to prayer?  Heaven? When we’re anticipating something isn’t it because we don’t yet have it or it hasn’t happened yet? We like to have something to look forward to. It’s necessary. We need to hope. Without hope, we’re a mess for sure. Expectations. We have them all day. We have them in our relationships. With our jobs. We have certain expectations of the future. These things are all very normal.

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Is Your Worship Shallow?

Return to Me, and I will Return to you.

Worship. What comes to mind when you hear the word worship? Does your mind go straight to the short time of singing on Sunday morning before the sermon? Or does something else come to mind? Do you think it’s possible during the course of an entire week for a Christian to worship God only during a few songs on Sunday morning? Is worship limited to  just the act of singing to God? No, it’s not. That would be shallow.

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