An Identity Crisis

How to get off that runaway train.

As I ride this runaway train at full speed barreling down on a new decade I’m wrestling with the nagging and gnawing  of a question that demands to be answered. Even though I already know the answer. It heckles at me as if there’s another answer. Because the one I offer doesn’t seem to satisfy.

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I love words. I’ve referred to myself as a word nerd as well as a font nerd, even an art nerd. Guess I’m just a nerd all the way ’round 🙂 I pay pretty close attention to words even to the point of recognizing a font that was used in a movie’s credits. Yep, I’m not just a nerd, but I’m weird too! LOL. If you’ve been reading any of my writings you probably already know I’m constantly looking up meanings of words & their synonyms to better understand or covey what I’m trying to communicate. And when I’m studying God’s Word I tend to need to dig deeper on specific words so I can get what’s really being said to me specifically. I’ve even shared my love of looking up the  meaning of someone’s name. I think it really helps me to understand them a little better. It never ceases to amaze me how people’s names are so spot on!

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Glad To Be Here

I’ve spent the past month or so moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  It probably shouldn’t have taken me that long, but I had trouble deciding on my theme.  Wordpress has so many great ones!  I finally settled on Sketch.  I love it!  I’ve blogged inconsistently now for several years (that is about to change) and in that time became very familiar with Blogger.  Wordpress is definitely different & I’m loving it!  I moved all my posts from the old blog to the new.  It was pretty easy, really. I googled how to do so, found this & this. Although, I didn’t follow either their directions to a T, I managed to accomplish what I had in mind.



I had initially decided to use the Edin Theme.  The photos above were a couple I created & one was going to serve as my front page photo.  I worked on the design for a couple of weeks before deciding to use the Sketch Theme. The ironic thing is just before I decided to move my blog I spent a good amount of time changing the style & look of that blog. You could say I do enjoy the designing of the blog a great deal.  I can sure get lost in doing that.

I plan to do some posts about the process I used to design & make the Sketch Theme my own.  So be sure to check back & see how I did it! What do you think?  Do you like my design?  I’d love for you to check out some of my  pages & hear your thoughts!

Wedding Rehearsal Schedule Card


The groom’s parents hosted the rehearsal & dinner.  The theme was a game night with board games that decorated the tables & we were able to play them at the end of the evening.  We enjoyed Mexican food from Moe’s & time getting to know others in the wedding party.

We had time to share what the happy couple meant to each of us.  There’s just something so intimate about hearing another’s heart speak about their relationship with someone you share love for too.   It was a precious time.

I created a card for Ethan & Courtney to give to everyone involved in the wedding.  It was nice to have a way to communicate the schedule & keep everyone on the same page.

These, too were printed on card stock, cut out & folded.  It’s a bit tricky when creating things to print & planning how each side is oriented in order for it to come out right.  It did take a few trial prints to be sure I had it correct.  Free fonts I used in this project were:  Great Vibes, There Can Only Be One Beaver, QuentinCaps, Champagne & Limousines, KG Flavor And Frames Two, All Hands, Impact & Corner Pop Three.  It may seem like a lot of fonts for just 1 project, but at least 5 are decorative. 

If you missed Part 1 of this series check it out here.

A Vintage Dresser Makeover

I’m really proud of how these turned out.  I didn’t make as much money on them as I should have…another lesson learned :/  Of course, they look fabulous in person (at least I think so).  The lighting & the fact that I don’t slow down enough to take a great photo continually proves to be a thorn in my side:)

It was love at first site when I first laid eyes on these even in their terrible condition.  I really wish we needed them because they turned out so nice!  I used Glidden paint plus primer in a gray hue.  I spray painted the drawer pulls, tops & mirror in oil rubbed bronze which I bought at Lowe’s & later discovered it was a better price at Walmart for the exact same brand.  Another lesson learned!  These are old vintage style & didn’t have “runners” for the drawers.  Just wood sliding against wood.  So I took a bar of bath soap & rubbed it generously along all the edges….they slide beautifully now!
As soon as I was finished with these beauties I posted them on Facebook.  At least 4 different pages of various garage sale or furniture groups.  My Facebook blew up!  I was overwhelmed to say the least.  I wasn’t feeling very sure of myself when it came to all the “rules” & abbreviations for the lingo!  Apparently, there is an “order” to the whole thing & the page administrator doesn’t waste anytime in letting you know….I’m talking mere SECONDS!  But, I would do it again!  Cause these babies sold within 24 hours.  In fact, I believe I could have sold several sets of these if I’d had them!  The next project is going to be for our home….so it’ll be a bit before I venture into the Facebook yard sale arena again:)

EAT Sign

Yet another finished Pinterest project in our home!  We have this skinny wall in between our kitchen & dining room & I knew it would be the perfect spot for this sign.  My husband has had this stash of cedar wood for a long time & it was the perfect width.  So I asked him to use it & cut the pieces out using the pattern I made out of an brown paper bag.  

The “E” is made of 4 pieces, the “A” out of 3 & the “T” 2pieces.  He attached them with some hardware & I stained them.  I wanted them to look like old barn wood.  So I had some gray stain that I applied thickly then wiped off the excess according to directions.  Once that dried I used a little of a darker stain I had left over from my half bath project to give it a little darker finish so it looks more aged.  This project was great because I only invested a little money for hardware & the gray stain of which I have plenty leftover for several more future projects.  I’m not one to pause long enough to take enough pictures for a step by step tutorial, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask & I’ll be happy to help!