How to Help Someone Taking That Next Big Step in Life

Hint: It’s not with a string of questions that don’t yet have any answers.

It’s that time of year. The anticipation of it all can be a little overwhelming. The constant circle of butterflies in the pit of your stomach threatens to nauseate. Yet you can’t help but smile. You can’t help but beam at the excitement that lies ahead. You’ve even dreamed about it. Imagined what it would be like. In fact, at one point it seemed a whole lifetime away. Dodging all those questions that you don’t have answers for just yet has become a sort of norm. You’re well versed these days at smiling and faking your way through an answer. Maybe even just admitting, “I just don’t know yet.”

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Socially Awkward

The reasons why I think we are and what God says about it.

You know that feeling of being uncomfortable or embarrassed in a social setting when things just feel funny? Awkward.  This word just keeps popping up lately in conversations. People I’m connected with, but aren’t necessarily connected with one another. I’m the only common denominator. Hmm. What are you trying to tell me, Lord? Why is it we’re talking about this?

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The Perfect Formula For Prayer

So simple that it was mind blowing.

Is there a perfect formula for prayer?

What’s the number one reason we don’t do what we’ve been asked to do? Especially those things that are new to us? Or when our comfort zones are threatened? It’s the same answer for all of us. Fear. Now your fear may be of a different “thing” than me, but it’s all fear just the same. You’re no different than all of humanity.

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