Five Ways to Stay Focused on Jesus

“Do the little things well and the bigger things will come.”

Focus. When I look over my sermon notes from this past Sunday, focus is the word I wrote the biggest. It’s the one that jumps off the page of my little sermon notes section. Are you easily distracted? I sure am. I doodle to stay focused. Sounds silly, I know, but it works for me. As I write this Tim & Faith are belting out the song Keep Your Eyes on Me. As it plays in the background, I’m reminded once again, that our focus, our conscious effort to place our attention on Jesus is the answer to everything. Yes, everything. Say it with me, I can face anything and everything with my eyes on Jesus. 

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How to Hope Without Losing Sight of Today

Two things that I feel can sum up where our attentions should be.

Are you anticipating something right now? Maybe a vacation? Maybe a new job? Maybe a baby? Maybe an answer to prayer?  Heaven? When we’re anticipating something isn’t it because we don’t yet have it or it hasn’t happened yet? We like to have something to look forward to. It’s necessary. We need to hope. Without hope, we’re a mess for sure. Expectations. We have them all day. We have them in our relationships. With our jobs. We have certain expectations of the future. These things are all very normal.

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Is Your Worship Shallow?

Return to Me, and I will Return to you.

Worship. What comes to mind when you hear the word worship? Does your mind go straight to the short time of singing on Sunday morning before the sermon? Or does something else come to mind? Do you think it’s possible during the course of an entire week for a Christian to worship God only during a few songs on Sunday morning? Is worship limited to  just the act of singing to God? No, it’s not. That would be shallow.

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How to Pray

Help for those that have struggled with prayer.

Do you pray? Do you find yourself wondering if you’re doing it right? Do you make spending time with your Savior a priority? You may think these are strange questions to ask a Christian. Maybe even a little forward. No worries, I’m not really wanting you to tell me. No, my goal today is to share with you what I was reminded of in Sunday School and of course, my take away; in hopes that you’ll be honest with yourself too.

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Socially Awkward

The reasons why I think we are and what God says about it.

You know that feeling of being uncomfortable or embarrassed in a social setting when things just feel funny? Awkward.  This word just keeps popping up lately in conversations. People I’m connected with, but aren’t necessarily connected with one another. I’m the only common denominator. Hmm. What are you trying to tell me, Lord? Why is it we’re talking about this?

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Surviving the Prodigal Child

Lay the gavel down.

Do you judge yourself harshly as a parent? Do you judge others harshly in their parenting? I’ve been guilty of both. It makes me sad to look back at times when I’ve judged others so harshly. I still struggle with judging myself too harshly in the parenting area, but baby steps, right? I’ve always held a measuring stick up to myself that is absolutely impossible to measure up to as a parent. It would be impossible for any parent to measure up to this stick I hold up in my mind. Yet, it’s constantly there nagging at me, taunting me.

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How to Keep Friendships Fresh

The risk is worth the reward.

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