How to Hope Without Losing Sight of Today

Two things that I feel can sum up where our attentions should be.

Are you anticipating something right now? Maybe a vacation? Maybe a new job? Maybe a baby? Maybe an answer to prayer?  Heaven? When we’re anticipating something isn’t it because we don’t yet have it or it hasn’t happened yet? We like to have something to look forward to. It’s necessary. We need to hope. Without hope, we’re a mess for sure. Expectations. We have them all day. We have them in our relationships. With our jobs. We have certain expectations of the future. These things are all very normal.

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Surviving the Prodigal Child

Lay the gavel down.

Do you judge yourself harshly as a parent? Do you judge others harshly in their parenting? I’ve been guilty of both. It makes me sad to look back at times when I’ve judged others so harshly. I still struggle with judging myself too harshly in the parenting area, but baby steps, right? I’ve always held a measuring stick up to myself that is absolutely impossible to measure up to as a parent. It would be impossible for any parent to measure up to this stick I hold up in my mind. Yet, it’s constantly there nagging at me, taunting me.

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Waiting for God

How to stay sane and the answer to being productive in our waiting.

We’ve just embarked on a young adult small group and are very excited to see what God has in store for all of us. We’re beginning a study on the subject of waiting for God. Have you ever found yourself waiting for God? It can be a tough spot to be in. Especially if you’re the wrestling type. Or if you’re like me & you tend to want to fix things yourself. As if we can answer our own prayers, ha! How absurd! Trying to figure things out on our own. Going over and over again in our minds trying to figure out if this thing we’re waiting on is a “God thing” or a “me thing.” Driving yourself, and probably others, crazy. Whenever I’ve found myself having spent an embarrassing amount of time consumed with well, me-myself-&-I…it’s a bit startling. In fact, it’s enough to make me feel a little insane.  What’s the answer to actually being productive in our waiting? To staying sane? Continue reading “Waiting for God”

How to Wait for a Prodigal Child

The pain is unbearable. Numb & wondering how in the world you got here.

I’ve been struggling with something for a while now, regarding relationships. Hence the birth of this blog. I’ve got it in my head that the only way a relationship can be restored or even have a new beginning is for you to pursue those you want to share life with. There are a couple things wrong with that thinking. Let me just say at this point, we all have very different ideas of what pursuing means & each his or her own interpretation. What does the dictionary say pursue means?

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